Take a Walk on Boardwalk

We’re not talking the coveted Monopoly space of Boardwalk paired with Park Place, but prime real estate of Trout River.

The views are just stunning from the Eastern and Western Points, to the active fishing boats at sea and sunsets and sunrises that are perfection. This several hundred metre boardwalk has been damaged with storm surges and has been repaired multiple times.

A few years ago, blue whales washed ashore and one made their way to the Royal Ontario Museum and another recently unveiled at the Core Science Building at Memorial University.

If you get the opportunity you dine at the Blue Whale Diner or enjoy the Seaside Restaurant. Craft shops, heritage home, grocery shops and other business dominate the waterfront. Fishing properties and boats line the shore in Trout River.

Enjoy taking a walk on the Trout River Boardwalk. You time here and the views are completely free, unlike a $2,000 hotel stay on a Monopoly board.

Explore Gros Morne this year and be sure to add Trout River to your bucket list!

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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