Caring for the Birds – Conche, NL

I have once again visited the sanctuary called Conche! It is one of the island’s best kept secrets that is no longer secret. Be thankful we have revealed to the world the opportunity to know the beauty that exists in this tiny town nestled at the heart of the French Shore. The 18 kms of gravel road and a little dust on your vehicle is well-worth the journey. However, I’ll save my most recent photos and share with you some from a previous trip this year that also provides a small sanctuary for the birds.

There is a Look-Out behind the French Shore Cultural Centre. A pebble trail leads you past the French Oven and outside instruction area. I believe instructional classes are held teaching various skills from the past, including French bread-making.. Most likely, the making of the bird feeders were directed just below. After carefully climbing the stairs to the Look-Out, I noticed the first colourful bird feeder. I have taken this walk several times and this was the first time these new additions were present. They are visually appealing and have attracted magnificent chirping from the birds, heightening the experience.

These small feeders are a rather small and simple addition, yet were enough to garner my attention. I thought about the beauty of design, each piece is unique. I imaged the children using their own creativity – a splash of red and a dash of blue. These young people learned several skills – woodworking, art and preservation of nature. There is value in small projects that can enhance a visitor’s experience and further build on the development of the community.

Conche certainly has several crafty artists that have cut outs of the island of Newfoundland, crabs and sea gulls posted around sheds, houses and even garbage bins. A splendid touch as you take the scenic drive. The people may be future instructors, if not presently.

Keep up the excellent work! I hope these classes continue and expand. The Live Rural NL blog wishes you every success with the opening on July 26th and of course continued operation of the French Shore Centre for Textile Art. Basket weaving does sound enticing.

If you would like to experience Conche, please contact the French Shore Historical Society @

One truly has to love the Life of Rural NL –

Christopher C. Mitchelmore



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