Inspired by our Lifestyle & Fishing Heritage

The Great Northern Peninsula has been known as “Petit Nord“, it has been inhabited by the Aboriginals, Vikings, Recent Indians, Basques, French, Irish, Scottish and English settlers. Life has existed because of the fishery, and continues even today.

Products created by local artists dominate my office at the confederation building and complement our rich fishing heritage. Hanging on the wall is an original painting done by Danny Rose that depicts Flower’s Island Lighthouse and continues to include an iceberg and shipping vessel. The lighthouse played a critical role for safety, with radio operators on-site as well.

The fishers are splitting their fish, near Noddy Bay on the tip of the Great Northern Peninsula in another. This piece was done by William Bartlett. The artwork has a very unique look, especially when you take a closer look at the facial expressions of people.

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My most recent purchase is “Le Mousse”, the French fisherman. I purchased this on-site at the French Shore Interpretation Centre’s Guardian Gift Shop in Conche, NL ( This was created by the very talented Loretta Decker of L’Anse aux Meadows. She is much better at staging her photos, so I borrowed this image (full credit to Loretta Decker below). I’m told this fisher could resemble me, you will have to be the judge.


Ms. Decker also does Viking Troll dolls. Images can be found at Norstead Viking Village Inc.’s Facebook Page. We must support our local artists and craft producers. Their ideas and creativity touch the lives of many and do so much more to promote the region, its history, heritage, people and culture.

We must continue to develop unique products that illustrate our rich and vibrant culture on the Great Northern Peninsula. It can be done. There are lots of new opportunities to create, market and share the wonderful stories of our past, present and future.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North


  1. Dear Chris: This is an excellent post. You are doing really good things for your district. I like the emphasis on the diversity of people and of lifestyles, in the past, and the present – fishing, arts, crafts, etc. Don’t forget the future vision, and the possible new Canadians who have their own strengths to contribute to the whole over time. Keep up the good work. Joan

  2. Dear Chris,

    I greatly enjoy your newsletter and am learning a lot about the Great Northern Peninsula. I am an elderly American living in Silver Spring, Maryland. God willing, I hope to visit Newfoundland next summer. I am awed by its natural beauty and have heard how friendly its people are. Good luck in your work. You are a fine public servant and an excellent advocate for your constituency.

    1. Hi Mr. Murphy –

      Thank you for your comments. It is nice to know that people are learning and enjoying my posts about the Great Northern Peninsula. I do hope indeed you are able to make the journey to visit our many natural wonders and chat with the locals. I do my best to work on behalf of my constituents. Take care.

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