What a view today on the Great Northern Peninsula…

The Great Northern Peninsula has a unique offering including the presence of abundant nature and wildlife. Today as I drove from St. Anthony to Green Island Cove I was greeted by a small heard of caribou in Eddies Cove East and pulled over to wait for them to cross the road. After driving through this tiny community in “The Straits” to the south I saw a total of nine caribou. It was unusual for them to be grazing for food on the opposite side of the road adjacent to the frozen Strait of Belle Isle with Labrador dominating in the background. It was one of those moments when you stared in amazement. I was fortunate to have a camera and able to pull over and take a few photos. See the gallery below:

A visit to the Straits region of the Great Northern Peninsula may be the perfect opportunity for you to get your glimpse of these beautiful animals.

Sometimes, the best surprises don’t cost you a thing.

Christopher Mitchelmore, MHA
The Straits-White Bay North



    1. It truly is! Life on the Great Northern Peninsula is always full of natural beauty. I truly enjoyed the stop on the way home to capture this moment. Thanks Joan!

  1. Christopher, I had caribou cross the road yesterday just below Deep Cove, and there were about 200 at least down near the airport, they are everywhere thank the Lord. Your pictures are beautiful. When the sun shines in the straits there isn’t any place on the planet as beautiful especially when it is filled with ice and icebergs, I love going there. Thank God for the Straits and its beauty.

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