Point Riche Trail in Port au Choix, NL, is a Little Piece of Heaven on our Great Northern Peninsula.

Fishing boats dominate coastline of Port au Choix, NL

Port au Choix, NL is a prominent fishing town on the Great Northern Peninsula. Shrimp is king in the community and many other fish species are also harvested and have been for thousands of years.

The community is known as “The Crossroads of Culture” and is home to Parks Canada’s National Historic site that is solely based on the early indigenous people for more than 6,000 years.

Caribou at Point Riche Lighthouse

On the west side of Newfoundland’s Great Northern Peninsula, you’ll find the crossroads of 6000 years of human history. The sea’s bounty drew Maritime Archaic people, the Dorset people, the Groswater people and the recent indigenous people here long before Europeans arrived. Seals on passing iceflows were hunted by the Dorset and used for food, shelter and clothing. Discover one of North America’s most fascinating archaeological finds amid a rugged coastline of unique limestone barrens, forests and bays. Visit ancient burial sites, settlements and view original artifacts, from slate spears to harpoons.

Parks Canada

Port au Choix is a must visit when on the Great Northern Peninsula, and they have ample tourism assets:

Places to Visit:

  • Port au Choix National Historic Site
  • Point Riche Lighthouse
  • Point Riche Trail
  • Dorset Trail
  • Coastal Trail
  • Barbace Cove Trail
  • Phillip’s Garden
  • French Bread Oven & Program
  • French Rooms Cultural Centre
  • Ben’s Studio (Folk Art)
  • Rock Murals

Places to Eat:

  • Point Riche Restaurant, Sea Echo Motel
  • Anchor Cafe
  • Wu’s Chinese Restaurant
  • The Bakery (Saturday)

Places to Sleep:

  • Sea Echo Motel
  • Jeannie’s Sunrise B&B
  • Oceanside RV Park, United Towns Lion’s Club
Point Riche Trail, Port au Choix, NL

The Point Riche Trail is one of my favourites. It’s 3 km in length and features the lighthouse, limestone barrens and unique rock formations, flowers, ocean views, and of course the frequent caribou, sea birds, & whales. You can begin at the Point Riche Lighthouse parking lot.

The Parks Canada trail system is very well maintained and the Dorset Trail, Coastal Trail and Point Riche Trail are interconnected. The entire trails can be done in about 12 kilometres if you take in a little exploring as well.

You can easily spend a couple of days or more in Port au Choix alone, not counting all there is to do in the surrounding communities. You need lots of time to truly appreciate the incredible offering of Port au Choix that is indeed the Crossroads of Culture.

Learn more about the Great Northern Peninsula’s more than 80 trails by clicking here.

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