Trail Honours Heroic Ranger John Hogan in Hawke’s Bay

The John Hogan Trail is a 3 km (6 km return) boardwalk designed and constructed by the Town of Hawkes Bay that takes you through an abundance of nature and begins at the RV and Nature Park on Route 430 (Viking Trail).

This boardwalk is dedicated to Ranger John Hogan, who during the Spring of 1943, landed in the wild with minor injuries and found a companion completely incapacitated after aborting a plane. He unselfishly and heroically kept the two alive in the wild for 50 days. He did so with without any provisions or equipment and survived off catching rabbits, finding berries and other foods from the land. He truly exhibited a strong will for survival and compassion for his fellow colleague.

The trail traverses the edge of the Torrent River from the Nature Park to the Salmon Interpretation Center. Along the route you will experience a wonderful variety of plants and animals along the way, as well as some spectacular views of the river. In the initial kilometre you will find a swimming hole, be introduced to Ray’s Landing and a grassy steady. There is so much beauty waiting to be captured. The second kilometre and linking to the third takes you through the forest but also highlights various salmon holes along the way, the direction to the fishway and the destination of the Salmon Interpretation Centre.

At the Torrent River Salmon Interpretation Centre you can explore and learn more about the natural habitat of the salmon and experience viewing them as they move up river. If you are a salmon enthusiast or a nature love this is indeed a place to explore when visiting the Great Northern Peninsula.

Get up close and a personal viewing at this centre.

Another unique trail experience on the Great Northern Peninsula! This one is family friendly. I even saw a moose on this trek, although I didn’t capture it with my camera.

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