Natural Nuggets of Beauty Found at Noddy Bay Head Trail

Noddy Bay Head Trail, Hay Cove – is a 3 KM return trail that is rated moderate.

Noddy Bay Head Trail

This trail is also part of the Iceberg Trail – a 31.5 KM trail from L’anse aux Meadows to St. Lunaire-Griquet. This section connects to Cape Raven Trail which I did a few weeks prior but looped back to the main road. A little big of rain, drizzle and fog still made for a beautiful trek and the view of Round Head (Lacey’s) Trail in which the raised sea cave was that I explored on a Saturday. There is so much to see an experience on the Great Northern Peninsula. You could come here all summer and not see and do it all.

The little village of Hay Cove has just a couple dozen residents and is home to primarily fishers, tourism operators, artists and retirees. The community highlights a great use of colour in summer with brightly painted fishing sheds around their waterfront, gardens produce an array of vegetables and the trails are just marvellous.

You can easily park at the end of the road and begin at the trail head. You have a small elevation gain, which gives you the views of the coastline approaching L’anse aux Meadows. On top of the hill, you may wonder, “did the Vikings traverse these hills more than 1,000 years ago”?

Lots of flowers, bird and marine life can be captured along the route. You may see fishers or even icebergs if you are lucky. A walk through small tuckamores and rest places to enjoy the view.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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