Finding Yourself on Flamber Head Path

Flamber Head Path

The East Coast Trail is 25 footpaths that span more than 270 KMs of trails and more than 330 KM when you count communities routes and connections to complete from start to finish.

The Flamber Head Path is one filled with immense beauty. It is 11.5 KM from the Suspension Bridge to Brigus South.

We made it to “Money Cove” and decided this was a good place to have our lunch. Impressive views along the route including a walk through the LeManche Provincial Park. I wonder if Money Cove is named for some pirate treasure that was found or still remains?

The Rocky shorelines, resilient trees and pathways that showcase berries, give way to the forests, sea and also several stacks.

We took several photos of this stack and continued on to Soapy Cove. An absolute beautiful day to enjoy this hike.

Finally, it’s over the hills and finally there are houses in view that land you at the road and trailhead sign for Flamber Head in Brigus South.

It’s a trail that is rated as difficult, but well worth the journey.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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