Western Bay Painted Boardwalk

I get the feeling there is a strong sense of community in Western Bay. A place where residents come together to create and share their talents.

Western Bay Rocks!

I found the Western Bay Painted Boardwalk, which was an unexpected gem. The nearly one kilometre boardwalk depicted artwork, expressions and family names and other community nostalgia. There were painted rocks, resting areas, a place coined “Lover’s Lookout” and several crosses for the unknown.

Crosses of the Unknown

There is dedicated parking and the area in Western Bay haw bright red signage directly you to either the 200 year old Root Cellar in Bradley’s Cove or the boardwalk trail to the lighthouse.

Expressions like in “Cod We Trust”, the Canadian Flag, the Republic of Newfoundland flag, birds, whales, everyday living to Thomas the Tank Engine were all part of the experience. The boardwalk was welcome given there was still snow in April. This area is best walked between May and October. After stepping off the boardwalk you begin to see some old rock walls and a bunch of arrows, one that directed me close to home – St. Anthony on the Great Northern Peninsula.

The lighthouse and the unique rocks surrounding it had me venturing down and looking back at the lighthouse through the mist and fog. There are picnic tables and seating if you care to enjoy the beautiful views for awhile.

Lighthouse of Western Bay

I was in awe with the coastline and wish I continued walking further along this route. I likely would have found myself in Bradley’s Cove.

A well placed Inukshuk, is a traditional marker of the Inuit, stood watching over the neighbouring cliffs. I waited for the fog to clear, to capture more images and video of the waters below. I truly felt I had experienced something special in Western Bay.

Western Bay Rocks! So add it to your adventure list next season. Check out Bradley’s Cove too!

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


    1. I loved the walk and the unique creativity! I came back and explored the route from Gussetts Cove to Bradleys Cove this summer. It was fabulous too! I would go back on a nicer day to get some more breathtaking photos. Such beautiful scenery all around!

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