Grate’s Cove Boardwalk & The Legend of Cabot Rock

The one kilometre boardwalk in Grate’s Cove begins just across from Grate’s Cove Studio and Restaurant. Unfortunately for me, they weren’t yet open for the season in early April. I parked my car in the dedicated parking area and traversed the boardwalk. It is only one kilometre return. You pass along fishing stages and a museum dedicated to the area’s fishing history.

As you reach the end of the boardwalk there is a resting area and the place of the Doyle Cookhouse Site. You can capture views of the sea and make your way down to the beach from here. Earlier on the boardwalk there is an off shoot to the beach, but the bottom stairs have washed away and need replacing. You can see the dangers that it presents from one of the photos below.

The sea can give, but the sea can also take away. After the boardwalk, I visited the Little Free Library and found a monument that questions if John Cabot first landed in Bonavista or was it Grate’s Cove in 1497?

The Cabot Rock Heritage elected the monument that is entitled, The Legend of the Cabot Rock. It’s an interesting read and likely raises some eyebrows as people may wish to question more aspects of history.

My next adventure for the day in Grate’s Cove was wondering the Grate’s Cove Historic Wall Loop.

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore

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