Historic Rock Walls of Grate’s Cove

Historic Rock Walls

The rock walls along Grate’s Cove date back to the 1700s as early settlers from Europe staked off pasture lands and to keep livestock out. The Rock Walls in Grates Cove were designated a National Historic Monument in 1995.

The hills surrounding the community create an experience of days gone as the nearly 150 acres of rock walls and l escape make the scenery even more spectacular. It’s a rare example of communal living that has survived in rural NL for hundreds of years.

The Unique Coastline

At the end of the Main Road, you can park your vehicle and walk to a look out area. There you will begin the loop around the hills and if you are adventurous like me, you’ll find yourself off the trail and a little closer to the sea.

This is truly a special place to visit, one that has a lot of history with every step you take on your hike. It’s about 3 KM to walk the loop. However, you can spent a lot of time getting lots and finding yourself along the sea or by a former garden.

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Christopher Mitchelmore

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