Discovering the Cannon Holes at Burnt Cape for the First Time!

Cannon Holes at Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve, Raleigh

The Great Northern Peninsula has many hidden and under-promoted gems. The Cannon Holes at Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve has to fall into these categories as I would think many locals outside of Raleigh residents have never been or are somewhat unfamiliar. I’ve been to Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve, likely a dozen times and this was my first experience to discover these unique formations, along with other interesting rocks, pools and sea life and caves, known as the small oven.

The Burnt Cape is found in Raleigh, NL. You take Route 430 on the Viking Trail until you get to Route 436 to L’anse aux Meadows. Next take a left on Route 437 to Raleigh which is 13 KM. When you reach the sea you turn left and continue to the paved road and then on the gravel road. You have the option of walking 4.5 KM via a gravel road or driving to the inner parking lot. At the parking lot straight ahead you will see a highland. Walk across the limestone barrens, but be careful of the rare plants and you will see a pathway that will take you to the beach. At the end of the trail turn left to walk along the shoreline a few hundred metres more to see the Cannon Holes and a little further for a view of the Small Oven. It’s about 3.5 KM return from the inner parking lot.

The trail to the Cannon Holes and Small Oven

The climate at the top feels much cooler, but as you navigate downward you will begin to feel intense warmth. It’s interesting how there was an absolute stillness of water and reflections locked in pools across the rocks. I knew Burnt Cape was always special, but this felt like I was visiting a tropical world.

There are Mother Nature’s bathing pools and swimming areas, a beach that is popular with locals.

Mother Nature’s Bathing Pool

We saw fishers tending to their gear, caplin, jellyfish, mussels and even whales.

At the edge you can see the small oven sea cave across the water. The photos do not capture the pure tranquility and beauty of this place. You could spend hours just taking in all these natural wonders. The Cannon Holes and Small Oven is not to be missed when visiting the Burnt Cape Ecological Reserve.

You may also want to explore the Big Oven and all around the Cape and the many rare and endangered plants and flowers .

Live Rural NL –

Christopher Mitchelmore


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