Where Two World’s Meet – Birchy Nuddick Trail, L’anse aux Meadows

L’anse aux Meadows is where the world came full circle as the Norse and the Indigenous people in the region would meet. This represents the first known time human migration out of Africa completes the circumnavigation of the globe. It was only 100,000 years in the making!

L’anse aux Meadows World UNESCO Heritage Site

In 1978, L’anse aux Meadows was designated a World UNESCO Heritage Site as it is the only authenticated Norse Site in North America and is the first known evidence of the Europeans in North America more than 1,000 years ago. You will want to visit this Parks Canada managed site on the very Northern tip of the Great Northern Peninsula to see the ancient artifacts, explore the mounds where the sod and timber structures were erected and engaged with Viking interpreters at reconstructed buildings to learn more about the Viking presence in the region a millennia ago.

Trailhead Sign of Birchy Nuddick Trail, L’anse aux Meadows

While at L’anse aux Meadows, you may wish to walk the Birchy Nuddick Trail that can begin at the Interpretation Centre Parking lot or from the Interpretation Centre Building that makes a 3 KM loop. It offers views of the Norse Site, Harry Youden’s Cove, the islands that surround L’anse and Meadows, panels depicting rare flowers and the use of seal skin at skin pond.

This trail is in excellent condition with a boardwalk to navigate thorough boggy areas. You will likely see bakeapples in season and be on the watch for moose as you work towards the rocky coastline and some incredible ocean views.

L’anse aux Meadows is an absolute must visit location of the Great Northern Peninsula. One where you can learn more about history, culture and unique experiences. The community with just a couple dozen people is home to fine dining at the Norseman Restaurant, the Gaia Art Gallery, a towering Leif Erikson statue, Emily’s Jams and Crafts, Norstead Viking Village and Port of Trade and numerous walking trail including the one eye rock monster from Lacey’s Trail.

Whether local or visitor, L’anse aux Meadows and Birchy Nuddick Trail will always tell the story of where the world came full circle, so why not experience this unique location in person?

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